Thinking Thoroughly Through Scripture

Group Discussion Videos & Guides

Each week's content includes both video content and a discussion guide. Guides are available as PDF downloads attached beneath each week's video.

Extended Teaching Content

Go deeper with extended messages that correlate with each week's group content. Consider watching these videos before gathering with your group.

Additional Resources

As you cultivate the formational habit of Thinking Thoroughly Through Scripture, here are some resources we have found helpful, informative or inspiring.

Literal Word

Clean, easy to use Bible app featuring the word-to-word NASB translation. Take advantage of tools that allow you to easily access information about original Hebrew & Greek words.

Enduring Word

Written Bible Commentary
Thorough Bible Commentary that pulls from many different well-reputed commentary sources to offer background and contextual help.

The Bible Project

Video Bible Commentary
A creative and insightful video commentary resource. Find many bite-sized videos about books and themes found in Scripture.

Lectio 365

Morning and evening meditations on Scripture that will lead you through a prayerful and peace-filled way to begin and/or end each day. You can read or listen!

Corner Room

Discover Scripture set to music. Their latest project is aimed at helping kids memorize Scripture but adults will absolutely enjoy it, too. Very well written and produced!

The Bible Memory App

Highly reviewed and effective tool for reading and memorizing Scripture. Check out the different tools and methods they offer for free.


A small but powerful read by Andrew Wilson on the reliability of Scripture through the perspective of Jesus. Available on Kindle for a very reasonable price.

The Big Picture Story Bible

A Bible Story book for kids that does more than tell stories but actually weaves them together into one big story!